We are Skyline Tinting

High Quality Window Film products installed by the best, industry-certified pros.

Who we are.

Skyline Tinting LLC is an experienced window film installation company serving all of the Tidewater & Outer Banks areas.  We are a locally owned, 3M Window Films authorized dealer. Skyline's focus is providing outstanding window tinting services for all types of glass. Whether it be commercial, residential, marine or RV, we provide quality films and installation services. Combined, our staff has 45 years of film installation experience to make sure the job is done right. Contact one of our film specialists to discuss your project today.




Sales Manager

Our Vision

“Making America more beautiful one window at a time.” Skyline Tinting was founded by a few industry veterans who saw the need for a quality-driven, client-focused window film installation company in Tidewater. We’re focused. We don’t sell car stereos, wallpaper, paint or carpeting. Just window film. Every day. And, we’re pretty good at it.


Evaluate, Recommend, Install. Every job goes through the same steps so our output is predictable again and again. Without surprises. Step 1: We listen to the client to determine their needs. Step 2: We present product options to work within a variety of budgets. Step 3: We install the product using our own factory-trained team. No subcontractors.

Tinting Products

Here at Skyline, we’re pretty picky on the products we offer to our clients. We don’t like cheap import products with questionable reliability. We only use films made here in the U.S. Our main supplier is 3M for a variety of reasons. Since we plan on being in business for many years, we want a manufacturing partner who has the same vision and track record.

Quality Service

We want happy customers. No matter how good the window film is, the installation can make or break the end result. We want you to be so pleased with our work that you’ll recommend us to your friends and neighbors. In every installation, one of our managers will oversee and inspect the installation from beginning to end. We’ll be there to answer any questions along the way. And, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong later on, Skyline will be there to take care of any issues.

Tinting Steps.

1The installation process starts with the dealer thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window, its release liner is removed, and an application solution is sprayed on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window.

2The film is then installed on the glass, and the installer squeegees all the application solution out from between the glass and film. The installer will also do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly and precisely on the glass.

3When the installer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus there is a drying time (cure time) for the film, during which the remaining application solution between the film and glass evaporates. During this time, the film is still performing to its full solar control and safety capabilities.