Marine Window Tinting

A good, solar rejecting window film is almost mandantory for the harsh marine environment.  Not only is there a complete lack of shade from trees & other buildings like you find on land, but you also have to deal with the sun’s reflections off the water bouncing up, too.  A constant complaint from yacht owners is that the air conditioning can never keep the interior cool and runs constantly.  Not to mention the solar damage to teak wood, leathers and furniture.  Reduce your squinting & talk with one of our specialists to determine which window films are right for your application.

Benefits of Marine Window Films


Significantly Reduce Electrical Useage

By blocking up to 83% of the sun’s energy from entering the cabins, the HVAC system will operate much more efficiently. Temperatures inside can be more balanced with less hot/cold spots. A more efficient HVAC also runs less often which leads to reduced service calls and down time.


Reduce Heat & Glare

With films blocking up to 75% of the sun’s heat from passing through the windows, we can dramatically cool any boat. In addition to blocking heat, marine solar tint reduces glare by up to 87%, making it easier for you to navigate, watch television or work on a computer. 


Protect The Interior

Extend the life of the woods, leathers, upholstery & furniture by reducing the daily solar damage. Ultraviolet (UV) rays & Infrared (IR) rays are slowly bleaching away the colors and making materials brittle.  


Add Privacy

When tied up at the dock, boats of all sizes are often a mere 10-15′ apart. Allowing everybody to see inside eachother’s cabins.  Blinds & shades work well, but nobody wants to look at closed blinds all day. Privacy window tint gives you seclusion and keeps your view.


Make It Safe & Secure

Safety/security films are the first line of defense to protect occupants from flying glass as well as slow down burglars. These thick films help hold the glass together during an event to keep the entire glass panel in place.


Update Boat Cosmetics

Want to change the appearance of the boat quickly & easily?  Today’s modern films are available in a variety of colors & finishes to match hull colors or other paintwork.  Better still, they can be removed & replaced with a new type when the time calls for it.

Types of Marine Films


Solar Control











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