Privacy Window Film

Keep nosy neighbors or curious office mates from seeing into your space with a privacy window film. Being suitable for both home & business, these vision obscuring films are available in a wide variety of types, colorings & textures. In addition, privacy tinting can be combined with our solar control films, too. This combination will provide heat/glare reduction as well as visual privacy. No matter what level of concealment required, we’ve got the right privacy tint for you!  We are an authorized 3M & Solyx films dealer.

Reflective Film


By far, mirror tint (as it’s commonly called) is the most common type of privacy tint.

  • Highly reflective exterior appearance
  • Non-reflective interior appearance
  • Require correct lighting to work properly
  • Also reduce solar heat & glare
  • Available in colors
  • Also know as privacy glass, reflective tint, mirror tinting

Semi-Private Film


Ideal for applications where a moderate level of visual privacy is required.

  • Blocks vision in & out
  • Movement can be seen but no detail
  • Allows light to enter
  • Gives moderate amount of conceament
  • Available in colors & designs
  • Also know as frost tint, frosted glass & etched glass

Fully-Private Film


No matter what you have behind the glass, it won’t be seen.

  • All detail & movement is hidden
  • Partial or complete light blocking
  • Available in colors
  • Interior & exterior application
  • Simulates spandrel glass
  • Also know as blackout tint, blackout window film & whiteout tint

Privacy Film Examples