Window film was the key to Simonsdale Elementary School‘s sun related problems.  While the massive wall of glass in the cafeteria looked terrific, it created some tough problems to deal with.  The room was always too bright on all but rainy and cloudy days.  Not to mention, the sun’s heat made the room temperature terribly unbalanced.  People sitting near the windows were miserable most of the year.  Also, the HVAC system worked overtime in an attempt to keep the room at the proper temperature.  We recommended and installed the 3M Low-E high performance window film to attack the problems quickly and simply.

With this product, the windows are reflecting up to 71% of the summer heat from entering the room.  In the winter months, up to 20% of the heated air is reflected back into the room and away from the cold windows.

school-exterior-windows-before-3M Low-E-film-installation

Exterior view prior to film installation

school-exterior-windows-3M Low-E-film-installed

3M Low-E film installed on top two rows of windows


Interior shot with blinding sunglare

school-interior-windows-3M Low-E-film-installed

A much more comfortable view, now