Instant Systems in Norfolk, VA Gains Comfort & Privacy with Window Film 4

When Instant Systems in Norfolk, Virginia contacted us, they wanted to handle a couple of issues with their front windows. One issue was that the spaces became excessively hot on sunny days. The heat poured through the glass making the rooms uncomfortable. On top of that, the clear glass offered no privacy for those utilizing the rooms. After consultation, we decided to utilize a 3M Commercial Window Film called Night Vision. This film would dramatically reduce the heat coming through on sunny days and also provide daytime privacy while still allowing the people inside to see out easily.

The picture above is of the windows once the film was installed. The pictures below show how the windows looked from the inside and outside before any film was applied.

If you have any questions about commercial window film and how it can help your space become more comfortable, improve privacy and likely help you save on your utility bill as well, contact us today. You can learn more about these films by clicking HERE, calling (757) 695-8444 or emailing We would be happy to assist you and provide a free, no obligation quotation of implementing commercial window film into your space.