This client on the Outer Banks of North Carolina needed to accomplish a few things using our window films.  The first item was to help the struggling air conditioning system.  Even on mild spring and summer days, the upper floor remained hot.  The second item was the constant sunglare all day long due to the high quantity and size of the windows.  Lastly, protecting the flooring and furniture from fading was a concern as well.  3M’s Prestige 50 was chosen to address all of these issues while keeping the views intact since it is almost undetectable to the eye.  You can learn more about these films by clicking HERE, calling (757) 695-8444 or emailing We would be happy to assist you and provide a free, no obligation quote for installing our solar control films.

Corolla, NC Beach House Exterior Window Films

With an extremely light and non-reflective film like the Prestige, we were able to keep the overall look of the house while assisting the HVAC system.

Corolla, NC Beach House Interior Window Films

This beautiful living room was constantly being bombarded by bright sunglare and heat prior to the film installation.

Corolla, NC Beach House Window Films Example

If you didn’t see us installing it, you’d probably never know the film was there!

Corolla, NC Beach House Window Films Installer

Our installation crew is experienced and meticulous.